Mr.JIA Guoping
Commissioned Composer of the 7th Competition 2015 Violin

JIA Guoping(born 1963)is professor of composition and the academic supervisor of doctoral students at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing

In 1987 he gained a place in the composition faculty of the Central Conservatory of Music. After graduating sooner than usual in 1991 he went on to teach at the Conservatory. In 1994 he received a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service( DAAD Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes) enabling him to study an the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart. He graduated in July 1998 and returned to China in September of the same year to go back to teaching again at the Central Conservatory of Music.

His works cover a broad spectrum of musical forms such as chamber music, orchestral works, pieces for folk orchestras, ballet and film scores. His works have been performed both in China and in many places abroad. They have also been published by the German Internationale Sikorski Music Publishers. In recent years he has received very positively by critics and music-lovers alike. In 2007 JIA Guoping started up a composition competition China ConTempo Composition Competition, which has since been held successfully six times. In 2009 he curated and organized the German Contemporary Music Festival. In 2010,he curated a training program for contemporary ensemble Contempo Primo, and founded Ensemble ConTempo Beijing. Since 2011, he organized Beijing International Composition Workshop( BICW).

List of Major Compositions:

• Qing Diao(1998)
Tremors of Degradation(1999)
The lone pine singing in the wind(2001)
Prelude - Drifting in the Firmament(2001)
The Wind Sound in the Sky(2002)
Schweben über grenzlosem Feld(2002)
Der zersplitterte Klangschatten(2003)
wo kein Klang ist(2005)
Whispers of a gentle wind(2011)
Falling Leaves Into Deep Valley(2011)
Kalaviuka (2012)
The pine-soughing valleys (2014)