Luca Ferrini (Monfalcone - Italy, 1968) studied at State Conservatories of Music "Tartini" in Trieste and "Tomadini" in Udine obtaining full marks both for piano, taught by prof. Giovanni Umberto Battel and harpsichord, taught by prof. Ilario Gregoletto. In Udine he also studied organ and organ composition.

Over the last twenty years he has been playing almost thousand of concerts on all three instruments in Europe, Asia and central America, either as soloist, a member of chamber groups or with orchestras, performing in important festivals and concert locations. His large repertoire ranges from the Renaissance to contemporaries. He is member of numerous chamber ensembles of ancient as well of modern and contemporary music. As founder member of the Contemporary Music Ensemble MD7 and other chamber groups he premiered more than hundred new works. In addition to his recordings for a number of European radio and televisions, he performed several times in live broadcasts and recorded 20 CDs. He is the official piano accompanist of many summer academies as well of International Competitions in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Armenia, Mexico and China. He is an appreciated accompanist of clarinettists, playing and working with Joze Kotar (Slovenia), Stefan Harg (Sweden), Paolo Beltramini and Rocco Parisi (Italy), Robert Spring, Keith Koons, James Gillespie and Sean Osborn (USA), Radovan Cavallin (Croatia/Spain), Eva Wasserman Margolis (Israel), Jan Jakub Bokun (Poland) and Pedro Rubio (Spain).

Actually he is professor of piano, harpsichord, chamber music and piano accompanist at the secondary school of Arts in Koper (Slovenia) after having taught piano, harpsichord, general bass and having been accompanist at the State Conservatories in Trieste, Udine, Brescia and Salerno (Italy), at the Klagenfurt Conservatoire (Austria) and Ljubljana Conservatoire of Music and Dance, as well at the Ljubljana Music Academy (Slovenia).