Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra was founded on December 25,2007 and completed its establishment on April 20,2009, with Deng Jingshan as the President, Yang Yang as the Artistic Director and Chief Conductor, Guan Haochuan and Lin Shangzhuan as the Vice President. Besides, Ning Feng, the famed violinist, and Qin Liwei, the famed cellist, are the Resident Artists. Xue Biao is the Concertmaster, and Xu Weiling is the Guest Concertmaster. There are totally 80 musicians, all of whom graduated from distinguished higher music institutions in China and abroad. One third of the musicians hold Master's Degrees and Doctor's Degrees. Furthermore, there are several foreign performers joined in Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra. On all accounts, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra musicians are well-trained with gifted performing skills which have been approved of awards from international contests.

With strong support from Hangzhou Government and Hangzhou Culture, Radio and Television Group, within a short history since its foundation, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra had much outstanding and approved achievement. In the first season, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra had splendid cooperative performances with German conductor Klaus Weise, American violinist and conductor Joseph Silverstein, French conductor Alain Paris, composer He Zhanhao, conductor Chen Xieyang, American piano master Gary Graffman, Korean pianist Kun-Woo Paik, cellist Wang Jian, Violinists Lv Siqing, Ning Feng, Li Chuanyun, Qian Zhou, Xie Nan, Piano master Lang Lang, Chen Sa, Song Siheng, Horn Master Han Xianguang, Trumpet Master Ji Ruikai, as well as admired concerts with folk music performers and artists Min Huifen, Zhang Qiang, Yuan Li, Tan Wei, and illustrious and noted singers such as Liao Changyong, Dai Yuqiang, Zhang Ye, Zhang Jianyi, Lv Jihong, Lv Wei, Huang Ying, Yao Hong, Zhang Liping, Wu Bixia, Sun Xiuwei, Yang Jie, Ding Yi, Yuan Chenye,etc. Since its foundation, the Orchestra had successfully held high standard concerts as Beethoven Concerts Series, Mozart Concert, Concert of 200-Year-Anniversary for Chopin, Cathay Style Concerts Series, Film Music Concert, and Fifty-Year Anniversary of Butterfly Lovers Composing Concert time after time. The Orchestra has held concert within Peking University and National Center for the Performing Arts with Symphony Grand Canal, expressing zeal and passion of orchestral musicians. As well, the Orchestra had performance in Taiwan at Gaoxiong and Taipei. The Orchestra also held concerts for public, introducing elegant music to citizens, which had won much praise and social approval. In addition, the Orchestra was responsible for accompaniment at the Fifth China Shanghai International Youth Piano Contest.

 The first season of Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra has won much approval and praise. As a young orchestra, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra was titled as new star in China Symphony due to its high quality, fast growing and great reputation. In the second season, the Orchestra would invite more first ranked artists in China and abroad, as well as principals from Berlin Philharmonic, to improve artistry based on the mode of "performance + chamber music + master class".

 Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra is approaching the goal of professional orchestra of international standards, contributing to symphony in Hangzhou and China.